News and Stories

Instructor: Dave Wingler
Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  FREE

About the Course

The focus of this listening course is to improve your listening skills.  It only takes a few minutes a day to get better at understanding spoken English. In this course you will listen to interesting news topics and short stories. After listening you will have a short quiz. You'll be able to listen to the activity in both slow and fast speeds.

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 Why is One Direction so Popular?
  • Unit 2 Couple Gets Married Around the World
  • Unit 3 Knitting for Penguins
  • Unit 4 An Airplane Hotel
  • Unit 5 The Magic Rabbit of China
  • Unit 6 An Erasable Notebook
  • Unit 7 Treehouse Apartments
  • Unit 8 Japanese Village Loves Foxes
  • Unit 9 Taking Pictures of Our World's Oldest Trees
  • Unit 10 Track Your Heart Health
  • Unit 11 Who is the Jack in Jack O' Lantern


Dave Wingler
I've been a teacher at Kunei for 10 years. All together I've been in the classroom for about 20 years. I'm hoping to make technology based lessons for all of my classes! Let's do our best to study English.